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Science Interactive Group Partners with BioDigital to Offer Virtual Dissections for Distance-Learning STEM Students in Higher Ed

SIG to add the BioDigital Human Platform to its suite of digital learning tools for online lab science students

Science Interactive Group (SIG) and BioDigital, Inc., two companies at the forefront of the education technology industry, have partnered to provide students and educators with more flexibility in the distance learning space. SIG, which is the parent company of Hands-On Labs, will embed the BioDigital Human Platform into its lab experiments, allowing online lab science students the option to perform virtual dissections that are supported by custom curriculum.

“Partnering with BioDigital enables SIG to offer the option of virtual dissections to our customer base. We believe strongly in offering instructors the benefit of choice when selecting the labs that support their curriculum,” said Tim Loomer, CEO of SIG.

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The industry leader in distance learning content, lab materials, and education software for higher education institutions, SIG oversees two major providers of online lab science experiments and curricula, Hands-On Labs and eScience Labs. By combining customizable physical lab kits with digital learning tools and a cloud-based educational platform, SIG replicates the tactile lab experience for distance learners, expanding access to STEM education.

BioDigital, whose flagship app has more than four million registered users, provides the world’s first 3D human visualization platform. Likened to Google Earth for the human body, the BioDigital Human Platform is an interactive software featuring more than 8,000 individually selectable anatomical structures. Each system is fully segmented, labeled and dissectible for easy configuration to meet any educational need, and the platform uses innovative, cloud-based technology to enable users to view human anatomy and disease in an intuitive visual format. Featuring the most complete, scientifically accurate 3D body ever assembled, BioDigital is utilized by top medical schools and students from over 3000 schools.

By collaborating with BioDigital, SIG is further diversifying its selection of digital learning tools to meet the needs of its expanding market. The ability to choose between physical and virtual dissections in an online course empowers Anatomy and Physiology educators to tailor the distance-learning experience in new ways without sacrificing learning objectives.

BioDigital CEO Frank Sculli noted, “With the acceleration to at-home learning, partnering with a forward-thinking organization such as Science Interactive Group that can rapidly integrate our virtual body software to provide thousands of students a richer, more engaging learning experience is an exciting step towards fulfilling our mission of making health and human body more understandable to all people.”

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About Science Interactive Group

Science Interactive Group encompasses multiple brands — including Hands-On Labs, eScience Labs, StarLab, Science First, and Wildco — that provide science education solutions to higher education institutions, K­-12 institutions, museums, libraries, laboratories, and distributors worldwide. Science Interactive Group’s vast assortment of innovative, science-oriented products is designed to provide instructors with interactive, real-world applications that engage students and enhance outcomes.

Adding WINSCO to Science Interactive Group

Science Interactive Group is pleased to announce the addition of Wabash Instruments and the WINSCO line of educational products for physics and chemistry to our family of brands.

As a leading US manufacturer of Scientific Education instruments and their replacement parts, WINSCO has been dedicated to instilling the love of science in students and visitors, world-wide. WINSCO has manufactured interactive teaching tools for science education, like the Van De Graaff generator, for more than 50 years. Renowned for their line of STEM-focused educational products, many having set the standard for their category, including:

–              Equipment for studying electrostatic, spectral and general science

–              Rotators

–              Stroboscopes 

A number of these products have set the school standard for their category, while others provide hands-on learning in museums the world over. All of our products are made in the U.S.A., and all are designed for ease of use, durability, and lasting value.

“We are very excited to welcome Walbash Instruments and the WINSCO brand to our family of hands-on science products” comments Tim Loomer, CEO of Science Interactive Group. “This partnership is bringing yet another opportunity for schools and museums to learn and teach science.”

Science Interactive Group encompasses multiple brands that provide K-12, higher education, museums, libraries, laboratories and distributors world-wide with comprehensive, standard-aligned content and educational products, services, and software. Our vast assortment of innovative STEM-oriented products is designed to provide instructors with interactive, real-world applications that engage students and enhance outcomes. Science Interactive Group endeavors to provide our customers with the most current, highest-quality science education products available while ensuring they comply with Next Generation Science Standards.

To learn more about WINSCO products, please visit www.winsco.com